Church Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision statements define who we are and where we are going, respectively.

Mission Statement:

We, the David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church of Austin, Texas, are a growing fellowship of Christian believers, whose purpose is to proclaim Christ, lead others to follow Him, and enrich the world on His behalf. Our mission is defined by three “Rs”:

  • Reclamation – We reclaim people who have been lost to the cause of Christ;
  • Restoration – We provide a safe healing place for the bruised, the broken and the battered; and
  • Reproduction – We call the reclaimed and the restored to give what they have received to others.


David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church should be a prayerful, loving and tithing church with a heart for the community that shows its love for Christ by offering God’s hospitality, hope and healing to its members and others.

Vision Prayer:

God our Father, speak to us as we pray for our acceptance of and commitment to the vision given to us through our pastor. Individually and as a church give us a loving heart for the community. As the salt of the earth and the light of the world, let our lights so shine before men, women, boys and girls that they may see your Son lifted up, our good works and glorify you. Amen.