Music, Worship & Fine Arts Ministry (MWFA)

The Music, Worship & Fine Arts Ministry (MWFA) is an umbrella ministry comprised of all of the ministries listed below. Leadership of this group of ministries is entrusted to Bro. Michael Jordan.

Praise Team

This is a small ensemble that ranges from young adults to seniors who feel called to worship leading. These individuals take on the responsibility of invoking the presence of God, breaking the ground for the spoken Word. They appeal to blended styles (traditional and contemporary) of music. The team also commits to rehearsing weekly and serving weekly.

Senior Choir

This is a group of seasoned individuals who are ready and equipped to praise God through song. This choir ministers with strong ability, spirited expression, and God’s anointing. They appeal to the more traditional style of music. The Senior choir commits to a monthly rehearsal and service.

Male Chorus           

This is a choral group of men who gather to sing praises to God and serve the Body of Christ as brethren (Psalm 133:1). They maximize on songs by quartets or men choirs and even songs rearranged to suit their style of singing. The Male Chorus commit to two rehearsals leading up to their assigned Sunday to serve.

Women’s Chorus

This is a choral group of young and seasoned women who unify in voice, song and spirit to bless God and edify the people of God. They maximize on songs by quartets, women choirs/groups and even songs rearranged to suit their style of singing. The Women’s Chorus commit to two rehearsals leading up to their assigned Sunday to serve.

Children’s Choir

This is a choral group of children (ages 4-11) who are ambitious about learning about Christ and serving for Christ. The choir’s director seeks material and music that minister the Word of God in fun-filled ways that include action-based praise and worship, interactive stories, sign language, hand bells and activities that meet the children at their age levels. This inspires and encourages them to read their Bibles, pray and seek the God that they hear about.

Youth Choir

This is a choral group of teenagers (grades 6-12) who are excited about using their gifts of singing to glorify God. They also develop a commitment for the work of God in the area of music and beyond. Their music is mostly of the contemporary music style. They rehearse twice a month and serve once a month.

Joyful Noise

This is a choral group of young adults who love to minister through song. They continue to develop their relationship with Christ with a Christ-centered motive in serving in music ministry.  Joyful Noise is mostly blended (traditional and contemporary) in their musical style. They rehearse twice a month and serve once a month.

Mass Choir

This is an intergenerational choral group consisting of members of all choirs that sings for special services, occasions and events. The rehearsal schedule varies.

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry provides visual, sound and recording support for all services and events. The goal is to provide premier visual and sound quality to our members, visitors and our broadcast viewers during these events. All Media ministry associates have working knowledge of live visual and sound reinforcement. This augments all aspects of the church through professional audio and video presentations. They are devoted to fusing the technical and creative aspects of media to provide high-quality worship experiences, video support for various ministries, special presentations, messages, illustrations, and more.

Liturgical Dance Ministry

The Dance Ministry uses creative, technical and prophetic dance movements and sign language to interpret the message in our selected music. It is a physical expression of worship drawing the unsaved and uplifting the saved through liturgical dance. The music is chosen carefully by theme or suitability. They rehearse weekly and serve once a month.

Drama Ministry

The Drama ministry uses Christ-centered drama, skits and theatrical events to evangelize the lost and edify the body of Christ. This ministry produces various presentations throughout the year for the community. They also correlate with worship themes within the local church to better enhance the message of God and enlighten the people of God. Their rehearsal schedule varies.

Photography Ministry

The Photography Ministry serves as the eyes of the church, documenting its life journey. This ministry helps with promotions, website information and reference resources, while also providing support to other ministries for events and projects. Each Photography Ministry associate seeks to capture the moments that exposes God’s hand working in our church.

Spoken Word/Poetry Ministry

This oratory ministry gives persons of all ages a platform to write and speak Biblical and life inspired pieces of prose and poetry to edify the body of Christ and to minister to others. This ministry also seeks to use this medium to support the church in its evangelism and discipleship efforts. Ministry participants are given an opportunity to present their work to the congregation monthly.