Church Anniversary – Light it Up! (Matthew 5:14-16)

It’s our 96th Church Anniversary and we want you to Join with us as we worship and honor God, thanking him for all of the decades that he’s brought us through and trusting that he’ll continue to do the same! Our anniversary theme is “Disciples, Lighting Paths With a Heart for Christ” and Pastor Parker […]

Dealing with Your Trauma (John 20:1-18)

Join with us in worship service as we worship and honor God, regardless of our present circumstances! Share this post with your friends and start a watch party when service starts. Pastor Parker will be preaching “Dealing with Your Trauma” (John 20:1-18) and the Praise Team will be singing the following songs: “In His Hands” […]

Rethink Your Pain (Isaiah 53:1-7)

It’s Resurrection Sunday and we’re so grateful for the amazing sacrifice Jesus made for us and so thankful that God raised him from the dead! We had a great online worship service and we invite you to watch it OnDemand and join with us in worship service as we celebrate our Lord Jesus. Share this […]

Discouragement’s Dilemma (Exodus 6:9-12)

It’s Palm Sunday and Pastor Parker has a new sermon for you on The Discouragement’s Dilemma from Exodus 6:9-12. We’ll also be sharing in David Chapel first remote Lord’s Supper. Make sure that you have some bread, crackers, and a suitable drink so that you can participate! Online Giving As we continue to minister, serve […]

I Need Some Satisfaction (Genesis 29:10-11)

Join us in Worship as the Praise Team leads us in song and Pastor Parker preaches “I Need Some Satisfaction” from Genesis 29:10-11. Before we worship, you’ll also hear a special message from Pastor Parker on staying healthy, concern for you and your needs, plans for Next Sunday’s Lord’s Supper, and encouragement to continue giving […]

Be Cheerful After The Evacuation (Exodus 15:1-21)

Watch this timely message from Pastor Parker called “Be Cheerful After The Evacuation” (Exodus 15:1-21). This video also includes worship songs from our Praise Team and Intergenerational Celebration Mass Choir. This specific sermon was selected by Pastor Parker from the archives because the message is relevant to where we find ourselves today. While we are […]