“Will You Feel Their Distress?” (Matthew 5:7)

It’s the first Sunday in June and we want you to join us for service at 10AM. Pastor Parker continues his Living A Blessed Life series by preaching “Will You Feel Their Distress?” (Matthew 5:7). Be sure to share this with a friend and invite them to join service with you!

In these times of health challenges and social action, God continues to show us Mercy and expects us to be merciful to others as well..

All Christians are invited to join with us in the Lord Supper. Make sure that you have some bread or crackers and a suitable drink so that you’ll be ready to participate. If you participated in our Communion pickup on Saturday, June 6th, then you already have what you need.

The Praise Team will be singing the following songs:

  • You Reign by William Murphy III
  • David Chapel Welcome Song by Jamar Whitehurst
  • There’s A Lifting by Israel Houghton

Online Giving

As we continue to minister, serve and communicate with you during this season, we are depending on your faithfulness in regularly giving your tithes and offerings.

You can give online on the church website, mail them to the church (2211 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, Austin, 78702-1343), or drop it off in the mailbox on the MLK side of the building.

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